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Microneedling: Pen Vs. Roller

Microneedling Pen:

A microneedling pen is a sterile automated device containing disposable, ultra fine needles. The needles used are individually sealed and disposed after each use. These ultra fine needles are designed to penetrate the skin in a vertical direction at an adjustable depth. As the needles penetrate the skin, controlled micro wounds are created. These wounds jump start the body’s natural healing process causing an increase in the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the natural fibers that allow for tighter, youthful, perfected skin.


Microneedling Roller:

A microneedling roller is a hand held device containing fine needles at the end. Rollers are available in different sizes, lengths, and thickness. The device is used by rolling along the skin to produce microwounds. This is a popular treatment many do at home.

Pen Vs. Roller?  What is Better?


Many have heard of Microneedling, however most are unaware of the differences between the two forms, pen and roller. Before new advances in technology microneedling with a roller was very popular and performed in salons and spas across the World. Now, with new advances in technology the microneedling pen was created, allowing for a more effective, comfortable and safer microneedling treatment than what the roller offers.


Here is why the Pen is better

Microneedling with a pen is much more precise. The pen is designed to target areas such as the upper lip, around the eyes, and nose which is much more difficult to reach with a roller. The pen also allows for a customizable treatment whereas the roller does not. Due to the Pen’s ability to adjust depths different depths can be used on different areas of the body, allowing for a more effective treatment for eliminating scarring and wrinkles. Another benefit of the pen is it causes less damage to the skin than the roller does. The pen is designed to penetrate your skin vertically creating controlled wounds. The roller penetrates the skin at an angle, which can tear the skin. The pen also allows for a quicker and more comfortable experience.