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The GOOD and BAD of Facial Extractions

For anyone who struggles with blackheads or whiteheads that just won’t go away, don’t you wish for a simpler way to clear your pores without highly promoted products, that don’t really do what they promise to do? The best way to get rid of these frustrating blemishes is to visit an esthetician and get them extracted.

Contrarily, the worst way to get rid of these minor imperfections is to pick them yourself, specially if you just use your fingers. This can cause scarring and infection, which carry a lot of bacteria on them regardless of how often you wash your hands! While there are many products on the market for at-home extractions, it’s best to leave this work up to the professionals.


Putting too much pressure can cause broken capillaries on people with sensitive, red skin (called coupe-rouse) and can cause dark areas on your skin called hyper pigmentation on anyone with darker skin. Also, if you attempt to extract an infection, you risk spreading it, making the problem worse.

At-home treatments are good for small patches on the skin as long as you’re careful with how you apply the product or use the extraction tool. You should also make proper aftercare is followed to avoid excessive irritation or drying of the skin once the blackheads and whiteheads have been extracted.

If you need extractions, we will help make your skin clear!