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Microneedling with Microcurrent

Microcurrent provides an instant face lift with no harmful surgeries! This technology has been around since the 1800’s as a treatment for damaged tissues and muscles. But when a physician of a Bell’s palsy patient noticed that the face of his patients appeared much smoother and younger looking after receiving microcurrent therapy, one of the world’s first high-tech aesthetic treatments was born.


How Does Microcurrent Work?


The main focus of a microcurrent treatment is facial stimulation. This procedure sends soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues and down to the facial muscles. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production. ATP is known as adenosine triphosphate which prompts the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, which overall fills in fine lines and results in the skin appearing smoother and firmer.Similar to how exercising energizes the muscles of our body, the increased ATP also energizes the muscles in our face.


If you’re looking to achieve ageless skin, ask your esthetician about adding on microcurrent to your microneedling treatments!