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Microneedling for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks affect men and women of all ages, race, and body types. Studies show approximately 75 to 90 percent of women develop stretch marks during their pregnancy. On average 70 percent of females and 40 percent of males develop stretch marks when the reach adolescence, due to growth spurts.
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Modern German Equipment

Disposable 12 needle pins made of surgical grade stainless steel. Automated vertical technology for a more efficient, and painless treatment. Accurate adjustable needle lengths up to 2.5mm for optimal treatment.

High Quality Products

Stem cell and hyaluronic acid that improve healing time and skin texture/tone offered at our Winter Park salon.

Effective Results

Ideal for improving acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. While also, microneedling tight, lift, and rejuvenate your skin.

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Hello, my name is Ekaterina. I’m a result oriented advanced esthetician located in Winter Park, Florida. I have received training in Europe and the U.S. and I constantly continue my education in both places. My goal is to educate my clients on the cause and effects of daily skin care routines and assist my clients in achieving and maintaining a healthy, beautiful, glowing look. I offer a wide variety of skin care treatments such as: Microneedling, Deep Cleansing, Acne Treatment, Hydra Facial, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and Body Contouring. I concentrate on the cause of skin concerns to determine the best treatment for your skin. I have learned a variety of in depth techniques to ensure high quality results. No matter what service you decide on you will love the results!

My mission is to help you achieve healthy, youthful, glowing skin from within.


During my pregnancy I had major stretch marks form on my stomach. After my pregnancy I wanted them gone! When I came to Euro Style BEauty Salon, the staff was very friendly and professional. Kate recommended the microneedling treatment for me to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. After just 1 treatment I noticed a huge difference! I definitely look forward to my next treatment!

Stretch Microneedling Review

Alexandra J.

I used to be very overweight, and after changing my lifestyle and losing the extra weight I still had extremely noticeable stretch marks. After 1 microneedling session at Euro Style Beauty Salon my stretch marks were noticeably lighter and after the second I noticed they even got smaller. I can't wait for my next session, I am beginning to love my skin again!

Stretch Microneedling Customer Review


Before coming to Euro Style Beauty Salon I had deep, dark stretch marks! After 3 sessions now, I can barely see any stretch marks! Kate really knows her stuff, she is so friendly and professional. I highly recommend those with stretch marks to give microneedling a try!

Microneedling Stretch Customers Review

Danielle R.


How to prevent stretch marks?

We have just the answer you are looking for – Microneedling

Why Won't Stretch Marks Go Away On Their Own?

Our skin can be compared to a rubberband, what I mean by that is our skin is elastic. When stretched it can still return back to its natural form. However, stretched too much, it will not go back to its natural form. When our skin is stretched beyond its capabilities, stretch marks form. Aging also plays a big role, as the skin’s elasticity begins to diminish.

Why Microneedling is a Miracle Treatment for Stretch Marks?

Trials have proven that microneedling can noticeably reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Microneedling will reduce the color and texture of the stretch marks, as well as give the effect of blending in with the rest of the skin. Microneedling done with an automated pen is also known to reduce the size and depth of the scarring as well as stimulate new skin growth in place of the stretch marks. There is no procedure out there will completely reverse the effects of stretch mark. However microneedling will substantially change their appearance, making them almost invisible.

How is Microneedling Performed on Stretch Marks?

An automated pen containing ultra fine needles is used to puncture the stretch marks, causing micro wounds. The body reacts to these wounds by the production of collagen and elastin, the process heals the punctures made and begins to break down the appearance of stretch marks.

To see maximum results we recommend a series of session with about 4 weeks in between.