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Dry Skin During Winter

Why does dry skin get worse in the winter months? 

Dry air and exposure to cold and wind can make dry skin much worse in the winter. The low humidity in the air creates an osmotic condition in which the water levels on the surface of the skin easily evaporate into the air. The dry and cold air can also irritate the skin and cause it to become chapped. This occurs mainly on the face and hands. Indoor heat further dries the air , creating a condition that robs the skin of moisture as well. Dry skin can be flaky and itchy , this is commonly known as winter itch. Due to these factors the skin is exposed to to dry air 24 hours a day in the winter.


Is there anything I can do avoid winter dryness?

The best treatments are the following:

  • Make sure you apply moisturizer everyday. It is bet to apply immediately after you shower, before the skin is completely dry.
  • Take short shower or baths, longer showers and baths can deplete surface oils.
  • Take cooler showers. Hot showers strip the skin from its natural protective oils and can inflame skin that is already dry.
  • Avoid traditional soaps and high foaming cleanser that can also strip the skin of protective lipids.
  • The skin must be cared for everyday.
  • Use humidifiers indoors to put the moisture back into the air. Room humidifiers create moisture-laden air that does not dry the skin.
  • Also, if you visit a skin therapist there are a number of dry skin treatments that can give the dry skin a moisture boost. However, daily home care is still imperative.