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Microneedling FAQs

What’s Microneedling?

Microneedling is a procedure used to treat varying skin conditions. A dermapen containing micro needles is used to puncture the outer layer of skin. This procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin through cell production.

How does it work?

The microneedling pen glides along the skin and punctures the dermis at a depth of 2.5mm. This creates micro wounds in the skin which allow for the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Resulting in fuller skin, and the reduction of scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

What conditions can Microneedling treat?

  • Acne
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Skin texture
  • Pore size
  • Skin pigmentation


What should I expect after?

You will notice redness and slight swelling for about 24-48 hours after the procedure. You might also notice slight bruising in the treated area. About 1-2 weeks after the procedure you will notice your skin is smoother and more radiant. Final results will take a few months to show.


What’s done during my Microneedling treatment?

First, the skin is cleansed to ensure all the excess dirt, oil, and makeup is removed. Then, a numbing cream is applied to the area. Then the dermapen is used to create micro wounds in the skin. Serums such as hyaluronic acid and stem cells are applied afterwards to enhance results as well as, hydrate, heal and protect the skin.


Is there any down time?

Any inflammation should reduce greatly within a few hours. Redness may last up to 48 hours after the procedure. Sunscreen should be applied daily to protect the skin and makeup should be limited.


What are the Benefits?

Improves the effectiveness and penetration of topical creams, Stimulates blood circulation and collagen production. The needles used are non allergenic and the procedure is more cost effective than many other skin treatment procedures.


How does Microneedling affect the skin?

This procedure improves many aspects of the skin. Such as, improving skin texture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles  and scars, as well as reduces pore size and stretch marks.


Is microneedling safe for all skin types?

Yes microneedling is safe to use on all skin types and color.  


Is Microneedling painful?

A numbing cream is applied to ensure a painless experience.


How many treatments are recommended?

We recommend treatments every 4-6 weeks as needed to ensure maximum. The number of treatments depends on each individual’s skin type.


What are the side effects?

No negative side result from the treatment.


What should I avoid on my skin after Microneedling?

Glycolic acid, retinol, and acidic ingredients should be avoided for 2-3 days after treatment. You should also avoid sun exposure as much as possible.


Am I a good candidate?

Microneedling is safe on all skin types and colors, and can be used o sensitive areas such as around the eyes, and neck. MIcroneedling cannot be used on those using or have used Accutane within the last 3 months, have open wounds, cuts or abrasions, have had radiation skin treatment within the last year, have any skin infection, condition, or herpes in the area being treated. This treatment is also not for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any history of keloid hypertrophic scars, or poor wound healing.


What is the cost?

Cost will be discussed during your skin analysis. This is because a treatment is customized for each person. Treatment is based on your individual needs and your desired results. Microneedling can also be combined with other treatments.


What are the risks of infections after Microneedling?

Infections are extremely unlikely due to the fact that the tiny wounds heal quickly and the treatment is done in a sterilized environment.